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The Panther Group is a professional technology services consortium with over 100 years of combined experience. The Panther Group is uniquely positioned to create and implement innovative business solutions. Software development, process reengineering, network services, technology integration designed solutions, technology marketing, private and government sector positioning and strategic planning solutions are offered expertly and with the agility to flow into and out of markets as they evolve and change. The Panther Group provides these services through a lean, virtual, eco-friendly, purpose driven business model.

While some professional services groups are simply conglomerations of several different companies, The Panther Group has been purposely and strategically developed as four organizations that are both interdependent and independent at the same time driven by a single vision.

The four organizations are:

•  Panther Technology Inc

•  Plenteous Business Services

•  II Financial Services

•  Panther Entrepreneurial Institute

Each organization operates virtual offices and can thus maximize talent availability while minimizing their environmental footprint through advanced telecommuting. By creating this structure, each company maintains its autonomous operations, remains lean and yet can still draw upon specific resources and skill sets from the other companies when needed.


Panther Technology Secures $18 Million Agreement for Tuskegee University

The Panther Group is your resource for software development, technology innovation, integrated resource enhancement, engineering and management consulting services. The Panther Group -- your professional and technology services consortium.

Panther Technology Partners with Hixardt Technologies on $52 Billion Navy Contract

April 6, 2009 Hixardt Technologies was recently awarded a major Navy contract, the Seaport e Rolling Admissions. Panther Technology worked with Hixardt to create the opportunity and negotiate for the contract.

Velosum, Inc. and Panther Technologies for Marketing and Sales Partnership

June 5, 2009 Panther Technologies recently signed contracts with VeloSum Inc. to provide marketing, strategic positioning, sales and targeted operational support.


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