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Imagine spotting an emerging niche market. In the past, an infrastructure would need to be built in order to capitalize. Engineering, product development, manufacturing and all of the back office support would have to be built from the ground up to say nothing of hard costs associated with office space, phone and network systems. With the Panther Group’s four unique companies, that infrastructure is already built, regardless of the market or opportunity you are trying to embrace.

This offers two unique benefits: First you can move into and out of opportunities in markets without the costs and risks associated with building the business infrastructure and dismantling it when the opportunity has run its course. Secondly, your company can profit from new opportunities in new markets without diluting your current brand.

As an example suppose a small company has just discovered a way to perform remote sensing of concealed weapons from up to 100 yards away. The idea has merits, but the company is already leveraged on other projects. Utilizing the services of The Panther Group, Panther Technology could design an interface to the equipment so that alerts could be sent in multiple formats, Panther Entrepreneurial Institute helps the company decide whether to spin this idea into a separate company and guides them if needed, II Financial Services works on the Intellectual Property components of the idea and the interface methods, and simultaneously Plenteous Business Services is helping the company identify markets, applications, resources and contract bid opportunities related to the idea. The company’s risk is minimized while their ability to capitalize on the idea is maximized.

This example is the essence of who we are – we help other companies and organizations succeed faster and with less risk.

Brian Ransom, President/CEO and Founder

Michael E Hicks Jr, Chief Technology Officer

Deric Williams


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