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Brian Ransom, President/CEO and Founder

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Mr. Ransom's professional career started as a software development engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1985, at the age of 19. While there Mr. Ransom worked as a software design engineer in layered projects division were he achieved the distinction of being one of the youngest principle engineer in the company's history by the age of 21. In 1987 Mr. Ransom left DEC to attend Tuskegee University and peruse a degree Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In his junior year, Mr. Ransom founded Panther Technology And Research Group serving as its president and CEO for 12 years. During this time Mr. Ransom built the company from a $ 500 initial investment to a multi-million dollar organization, with 5 offices and an average of 85 engineers on staff. Additional accomplishments include:

  • The creation of a new software development methodology called the Universal Application Environment (UAE). This methodology was used successfully in the timely development of over 100 information management projects.
  • Helped design and develop and implement an SEI Level 3 Process for Rockwell International (Now Boeing)
  • Successfully implemented a virtual business model capable of seamlessly interfacing with outside partner venders and employee/consultant telecommuters
  • Created and implemented TQM Processes for customer relations
  • Created and implemented a internal Industrial Security Process used on classified government contracts
  • Served and technical lead on several Government RFP's (43% win rate)
  • Implemented PTRG's integrated project team ( IPT ) defined process
  • Managed a 1 year internal project to design and develop PTRG's company Information Environment deceasing infrastructure cost by 27%.
  • Assisted in the Development of the Requirement Management System (RMS) of AT&T Broadband commercial digital video and Internet communications project (4+ billion dollar project)
  • Served as technical project lead on the US Air force C-130 Gunship retrofit ( 14 billion dollar project)
  • Served as project lead for Testing Tools for F-22 raptor Operational Testing Program
  • Developed several Microsoft based Enterprise solution projects for outside organizations

In 2001 Mr. Ransom was diagnosed with a degenerative kidney disorder, and In 2002 Mr. Ransom sold the company to several private investors.

One of the terms of the sale of PTRG was that Mr. Ransom sign a 6 year non-compete agreement which precluded him from starting or running a technology company. During this period (2002 to 2008) Mr. Ransom lent his services to several companies as a technology and business consultant. Major accomplishments during this time include:

  • Serving as Technology advisor to the Dean of Tuskegee University's College of Engineering Architecture and Physical Sciences.
  • Designed and developed and new wireless mesh self healing vehicular traffic management system.
  • Assisting Hixardt Technology Inc. to secure an $18 million dollar government contract, and serving as its Chief Technology Officer.
  • Assisting Hixardt Technology In. Navy task order based contract with a 52 Billion dollar ceiling.
  • Redesigning UAE into a new flagship technology called 3D Information Blocks

During this time Mr. Ransom also obtained his MBA and researched business a myriad of business models. In November of 2008, he founded The Panther Group Inc., with an innovative business model based off of today's challenged economy and the business opportunities that have arisen during this recession. The model is adaptive and scalable as the economy improves and new opportunities emerge.

Panther Technology Secures $18 Million Agreement for Tuskegee University

The Panther Group is your resource for software development, technology innovation, integrated resource enhancement, engineering and management consulting services. The Panther Group -- your professional and technology services consortium.

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