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Deric Williams

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Mr. Williams has 23 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.  Even before he'd received his undergraduate degree he was placed in management and leadership positions within UWEST (now known as QWEST). His leadership roles have included strategic planning, compensation planning, training development and delivery, customer relationship management, leadership of a technical service organization, product management and product marketing.  In his current product marketing leadership position at a large telecom provider he's integrating a technology/service nearing the end of its lifecycle into a new hybrid product that is based off of the future network protocol and delivery methodology.

Additionally, Mr. Williams worked with Sprint for six years completing their executive development program – the Staff Associates Program. During that time his roles included strategic planning, ATM product management, Group Manager of a service delivery and assurance call center, and Group Manager of training development and delivery. He also has previous experience working with Home Depot in the Store Leadership Program, for Georgia Space Grant Consortium as a project manager and as the leader of the Product Marketing organization at ChanneLogics.

Highlights from his professional career include:

  • Developing an integrated product platform (an ATM to Frame Relay Gateway Service) which enabled Sprint to capture 33% above revenue plan in their Small Business Segment.
  • Leading a $4 million technical service organization through a period of 35% growth in ticket volume while maintaining cost and winning service awards. His innovative use of technology and technician “Customer Service Success” teams enabled his organization to foster an organization that was then emulated in other groups within the company.
  • Being hand-picked to lead a cross-functional team to complete the intra-company network migration of $48,800,000 worth of customer accounts. Through the teams customer focused processes, procedures and culture, the total spending volume increase during the process to $51,400,000 while the project came in below cost and on schedule.

Mr. Williams earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington . He went on to receive a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, a Master of Business Administration degree, as well as a Certificate of Management of Technology at Georgia Institute of Technology. Throughout his graduate education and post graduate continuing education Mr. Williams has focused on Marketing, Strategic Planning, Company Culture, Change Management, Integrated Resource Leadership and Optimal Organization Sizing Strategies.


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